Investipol Investigation & Polygraph


  • Freight & Logistcs Investigations
  • Staff defalcations
  • Specialist Bank & financial record analysis
  • Independant Collision Investigation
  • Independant Health & safety incident investigation
  • Industrial relations support.


  • Incident specific Polygraph
  • Pre-employment polygraph
  • Routine high risk employee polygraphing

Risk Mitigation

  • Pre-employment & routine employee screening
  • Route Risk Assessments
  • Enterprise Risk & Compliance Management Solutions
  • Awareness initiatives
  • Anonymous crime reporting line

"Impartial seekers of the truth"

Our mission: To provide a professional confidential unbiased service to all clients based on our three core competencies: Investigation, Polygraph and Risk Mitigation.

about investipol

Investipol is a dynamic multi-faceted company with its Head Office in Durban South Africa.We have a dedicated team of subject matter experts ready to mitigate your company's risks.


Investipol is the trading name of Cuimhne CC (ck 2007/082634/23)


P.O.BOX 38381
South Africa
TELEPHONE: +27 (0) 31 466 4088
FAX: +27 (0) 86 656 9476


Investipol was established in 2007 by director Shaun A McGuone who has spent this lifetime in the in the pursuit of criminals.

Shaun spent ten years in the South African Police Service, being one of the founding members of the accident unit. Most of Shaun's police career was in detective services.


Following this he went into conservation for 12 years where he was involved with investigating organised syndicated wildlife crime.


In 2007 he went into the polygraph industry and was trained in Pretoria by the American International Institute of Polygraph.