Investipol Investigation & Polygraph


At Investipol we offer a wide range of pro-active and reactive services based on our 3 core company competencies:.



Polygraphs are invaluable in both the prevention and detection of crimes against employers and as a tool in the investigator's arsenal to identify or eliminate suspects.



Our investigators have decades of experience in a wide range of fields from transported goods, fraud, financial and banking related matters to accident investigation and reconstruction.


Risk Mitigation

Our prevention services include pre-employment screening, Tip-off line, awareness training, risk assessment and Enterprise wide Risk & Compliance management systems.

Why our approach works

Internal ivestigations

Like it or not most companies will fall victim to the misconduct of staff at some time. If you have been in business for a while and this has not happened, then it is more probable that you are blissfully unaware of it. It may be "petty" theft of food in the kitchen of a cafe, collusion with suppliers by a buyer, to the wholesale looting of banking accounts by a trusted manager.

The rub with even petty misconduct is that, if left unchecked, will inevetible result in a snowballing unethical culture that can severely impact or destroy the company.

By having a "zero tolerence" for unethical conduct,an organisation creates a line in the sand for employees. Having a competent, independant external service provider conduct polygraps and investigation not only roots out the culprits of the incident in question, but sends a clear message to other staff that misconduct will not go unchallenged.

Syndicate investigations

Together with our network of industry and law-enforcement stakeholders we are well positioned to mitigate organised crimes in our client organisations.

A saying in law-enforcement holds especially true for syndicate crime:
"you cannot stop crime, only move it somewhere else."

Our objective is not only to deal with the immediate investigation at hand, but to be a partner in making our customers an unatractive target for syndicates in the long term.

Accident Reconstruction

collision investigation and reconstruction

There is an increasing tendancy for authorities to hold companies and their owners / management criminally liable following serious collisions. The media fallout alone can be devastating to the company and to the individuals involved. We also find claims are often instituted long after the incident, making defending these actions highly problematic.

Our role is to be an integral part of our clients' accident mitigation strategy. An audit trail of rigourous incident investigation goes a long way in showing that a company is serious about the safety of their staff and innocent third parties.

A forensic investigation by a reliable independant investigator allows the company to get timely, accurate information to mitigate fallout from an incident, whether it be immediatley after the accident or years down the line.

risk and compliance management

Historically a reserve of large financial institutions, we believe enterprise risk and compliance systems can be tailored to add significant bottom line value to any business, from one man plumbers to large fast food franchises.